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Russian brides

I never really quite understood the Russian mail order bride phenomena. The Russian brides just seemed too good to be true: a woman who is gorgeous, dutiful and a great housewife- Yeah right! Still, the trend kept growing and I became interested in what Russian brides have to offer. The first part of the story was definitely true all right. Russian brides are complete knockouts with long legs, slim bodies and they have a chic sense of style. Compared to the fast-food eating westerners, every Russian woman looks like a supermodel. I was pretty shocked to realize how intelligent most Russian women are and that most have been to university. They have a vast world perspective but are never arrogant of their knowledge. The most appealing aspect of Russian brides is that they have an ingrained sense of tradition. These women truly believe that family should always come first and are willing to do anything for their husbands and children. Somehow, the beautiful Russian women have figured out how to balance tradition and modernity while still maintaining a social life. If men could find these qualities in western women, then Russian brides wouldn’t be so popular!

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